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Caty vs Emily - Collection - 395 Images

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This is a collection of 6 photosets with total 395 pictures.
Caty vs Emily Collection Catfighting Sets

1 Photoset - Kickboxing match. Hands are taped and the action is very intense. Both girls surprise each other with several unexpected attacks to the most sensitive areas. Plenty of kickboxing action with punching, kicking, knee hits, chokeholds and elbow attacks (61 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

2 Photoset - This sexy catfight involving brawling on a couch! There is a lot of leg action and choking for most of the fight, with an ending that features hard punches, stomps, and elbows to the sensitive areas of the female body (61 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

3 Photoset - The fighting is extraordinary good as each combatant focuses their attack on the most sensitive areas. They hurt each other with punches and chokeholds. Body and crotch slugs highlight this catfight on the couch. The loser is completely devastated, lying limp on the sofa (75 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

4 Photoset - Things go back and forth with both women receiving an incredible amount of damage. Its straight into action with no formalities. Body hits, knee to the crotch, belly punching and face slapping, breast squeezing, crotch grabbing and kicking and various grappling holds highlight this fantastic photoset. (62 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

5 Photoset - The fighting is intense and nasty as both combatants use a myriad of blows to the most sensitive areas. Each does her best to demolish her opponent’s body – or at least the more sensitive spots, with the breasts, belly, and crotch being the main targets for both combatants (74 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).

6 Photoset - Emily and Caty - get into a vicious slugging and catfighting action in their apartment. They attack each other with breast, belly and crotch hits, they also wrestle on the ground using painful grappling and pinholds. Both girls use dirty tactics - breast grabbing, slugging and heel stomping concentrating their attacks on sensitive areas (62 pics, Image Resolution - approx. 1450x967).



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