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2-on-1 punching fight - Renee, Blanca, Lexxi - HD Video - 6:07

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Another fantastic two-on-one belly punching fight in an outdoor setting. Renee and Blanca team up against Lexxi and pound her into submission. All three beauties wear skin-tight lycra gymnastic outfits and ballet flats. As soon as the fight starts, Renee and Blanca grab Lexxi by the arms to control her, and then they pound her belly and midsection with punches, kicks and knee attacks. You will also see some painful kicks and knee hits right between Lexxi's slender legs! But the main focus of destruction for Renee and Blanca is Lexxi’s belly! Poor Lexxi, dozen of blows landed right into her flat belly! Super outdoor 2-on-1 belly punching and domination between three young ladies in hot gymnastic outfits! Must have for your collection!


720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] - 99 MB

VIDEO Duration - 6 min. 07 sec.



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