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2 Fights - HD Video - Marta vs Olga - 14:34

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This video features two apartment catfights. First fight: Another "down-and-dirty" catfight with lots of slugging action between our gorgeous girls - Marta and Olga. Both catfighters are dressed in short dresses that show off their beautiful bodies and long legs as they engage in an tough fight in their apartment to the end. Both are incredibly energetic showing action. Olga often surprised long-legged Marta with kicks between the legs. In addition to that you will see lots of belly and breast punching, toyknife thrusts, grabbing and some nasty crotch attacks.

Second Fight: Very HARD Anything Goes Catfight! Marta and Olga constantly attack the weak spots in this "down-and-dirty" catfight. They both deliver many very hard punches. Especially BELLY PUNCHES AND SOME HARD KNEE HITS between the legs! However, the main theme here is total viciousness. Each woman fights hard and dirty and each doesn’t stop until one girl has totally demolished her rival. One girl makes a particular effort to beat her opponent. Lots of belly punches, punches to the breast, knees to the crotch, choking holds and catfighting action.


720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (425 MB)

VIDEO Duration - 14 min. 34 sec.



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