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Bikini sparring fight - Re-mastered in FULL HD - Lexxi, Stella - 5:25

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Re-mastered in FULL HD Resolution. Stella, her toned body glimmering in a silver bikini, engaged in an intense one-sided fight with the stunning Lexxi, clad in a bright yellow swimsuit and crop top. Lexxi gets blows to her vulnerable midsection and crotch, her grunts and gasps echoing through the training room. Stella unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks, each one landing with precision on Lexxi's soft belly, delicate breasts, and exposed crotch.  For those who enjoy punching fights, low blows to the groin, and knee strikes below the belt, this bout has everything and more. In a final act of anger, Stella delivered a brutal kick between Lexxi's legs, ending the sparring match in a glory victory. Don't miss out on this spectacular remastered version of the fight.


1080p FULL HD FORMAT: [ 1920 X 1080 ]

VIDEO Duration - 5 min. 25 sec.



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