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2-on-1 bad girls fight - Fiona, Amelie, Jillian - 135 Images

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Hot outfits in this unusual catfight involving brawling with guns! There is a lot of 2-on-1 slugging with weapons and hand-to-hand combat with guns for most of the fight. Fiona in red shiny latex outfit and high heels that display her beautiful curves, Jillian in revealing blue shiny pants and Amelie in golden pants. Jillian and Amelie dominate most of the fight, mainly using guns and slugging Fiona’s breast, belly and even crotch. The use of guns combined with the 'anything-goes' set of rules make this an unusual 2-on-1 battle, featuring every technique imaginable. Jillian and Amelie repeatedly attack every weak spot on Fiona's body. They really take her apart! All three fighters look very sexy in their shiny pants and heels, and they use lots of unusual and exciting poses which show them off nicely. This fight with weapons features many techniques that are not commonly seen, and they are so much more interesting when performed by women in revealing outfits!

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