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Arrow attacks - Sabrina vs Jillian - 77 Images

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Enjoy our new fantastic gunfight against invisible attackers. These gangster girls – Jillian and Sabrina - are very sexy in their revealing outfits and overknee boots, but the action here is even hotter! At the beginning, both women are gunfighting against a third person with lots of shooting and dodging bullets scenes. Finally, the attacker outwits both beauties with arrows, shooting Jillian and Sabrina from his bow. The arrows stuck in their gorgeous bodies, as they hold them in their bodies, first in stand then on the ground. What a great acting from both ladies, face expressions and dramatic action, definitely recommended for anyone who likes to see beautiful women in trouble and also bow and arrow theme! Jillian and Sabrina got professional hair styling and make-up, so they look very gorgeous in their outfits. If you like gunfights and arrows, then this one is definitely for you!

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