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Daisy vs Elena and Laura - 113 Images

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An exciting two-against-one fight with a surprise ending. Laura and Elena team up against Daisy, and do a lot of damage. But in the end, Daisy gets the better of both of them. All three women look very hot in their black wet-looks outfits and heels. The use of guns combined with the 'anything goes' set of rules make this an unusual 2-on-1 battle, featuring every technique imaginable. Laura and Elena repeatedly attack every weak spot on Daisy's body. They really take her apart! Both women use the chokehold technique from behind and batter Daisy’s breasts, belly and crotch with tremendously powerful punches and kicks, also using their weapons to hit helpless victim! Surprisingly, Daisy disarms one woman, grabbing the machine gun and gaining the upper hand in the battle. There is no doubt these three women put on a fantastic show!

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