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Bikini Gunfight - Blanca vs Renee - 101 Images

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Be a witness of fantastic gunfight action in an unusual rock formation at the coast. Bikini clad women – Renee and Blanca – are two agents, wearing skin-tight bikinis on their gorgeous bodies. Renee is guarding, armed with a small machine gun, Blanca is another spy, who armed with a silencer gun. Blanca shoots Renee from her hidden place, but she missed the target. Renee shoots back, after a short shootout, both bikini clad beauties go into a hand combat, trying to disarm the opponent. Both spies punch and kick each other trying to gain the upper hand. Fillany Renee was successful, shooting Blanca from her machine pistol. As Renee thought, she was done with her enemy rival, Blanca grabs her silencer gun from the ground and shot Renee in the back! Amazing facial expressions, great shootout, fantastic hand-combat action, tight fitting bikinis and unusual rock formation highlight this fantastic image set. A truly don't miss image set featuring two hot looking spies!

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3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 88 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 101 images



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