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Angry Renee vs Maya, Sabrina - FULL HD - 5:19

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Time for another exciting bikini toyknife struggle, or to be more exact - ultimate domination hitting fun. It starts out on the couch with Renee, Sabrina and Maya, all women dressed in bikinis and flip-flops. After a small talk, Sabrina leaves the couch, Renee uses this moment to attack Maya with her telescopic toyknife. She stabs Maya into her belly and breast many times. As Sabrina returns, Renee coninues to attack her, this time stabbing Sabrina all over her body. Finally, Renee stabs both bikini beauties into their bellies and breasts, leaving them lying limp on the sofa. Just a non-stop action and fantastic one-sided catfight with using an telescopic toyknife with three gorgeous bikini clad ladies in one room.


1080 p FULL HD FORMAT: [ 1920 X 1080 ] - 285 MB

Video Duration - 5 min. 19 sec.



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