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2-on-1 outdoor lycra fight - Vicky, Renee, Darcy - 109 Images

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This excellent two-against-one image set features our three fitness beauties - Darcy, Renee, and Vicky, in which Vicky gets hammered by Darcy and Renee. As soon as the brawl starts, Darcy and Renee grab Vicky by the arms to control her and pin her to the wooden wall, and then they pound her breast, belly and crotch with fists and knees, including simultaneous double punches. Next Darcy holds Vicky from behind so Renee can attack the front of her body. She immediately rams her knee up between Vicky's legs, delivering a devastating impact to the crotch. After that she punches Vicky's face and breast, followed by a kick to the stomach. Vicky tries to fight back, but her resistance ends when Darcy gets her in a chokehold. Vicky is completely trapped by Darcy and her body is left open to attack. Renee move in and punches Vicky's breast and belly, demolishing all her vulnerable places, knocking her out with a powerful chin uppercut! Outstanding catfight in skin-tight lycra gymnastic outfits and ballet flats, well choreographed, and brilliant photo work.


3504x2336 pixels

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 109 images



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