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Fantasy bikini knife fights - 138 Images

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Collection - Fantasy bikini knife fights - total 138 Images in two sets.

Image set 1 - Marta vs Crisa in self-defense catfighting with knifes in tiny bikinis. Each girl has a knife in the hands as a weapon. This fight has two rounds, in the first round Crisa gains the upperhand, winning the battle, in the second round Marta wins. Both girls trying to disarm the opponent, using their fists and feet, kicking and punching each other. (75 images - 3504x2336 pixels).

Image set 2 - Selfdefense class and knife fight between - Nastja and Marta. Both combatants aim almost all their blows at the softest parts of the female body. The breasts, belly and even crotch are all targets, and each gets a beating. Each woman wears only a skimpy bikini so their bodies are wonderfully displaying as they fight it out. (63 images - 3504x2336 pixels).



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