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2-on-1 fight in GYM - Lexxi, Vicky, Vera - 114 Images

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Three of our beautiful young fitness beauties are facing off in this fierce – 2-on-1 –anything goes and bare-fisted punching battle. Vicky and Vera take on Lexxi. They start out with posing images by the boxing punching bag, but so friendly posing turns into a wild 2-on-1 rumble. These hard trained bodies in sexy outfits collide as a fight erupts with many wrestling holds, punching, double kicking, knee attacks as well as two-on-one and one-on-one action. Dirty tricks in the fight and hitting sensitive areas are the rule here, especially Lexxi received lots of painful blows! But Lexxi counterattacks with kicks and punching. Finally Lexxi beats Vicky and Vera into unconsciousness, knocking both fitness beauties completelly out. This is truly a two-on-one battle, with professional make-up and hairstyle by all ladies. Fans of the unfair and furious fighting will surely want this image set.

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