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Lingerie Gunfight - Re-mastered in FULL HD - Elena, Laura, Sabrina - 3:16

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Re-mastered in FULL HD. This fantasy action packed lingerie gunbattle with three beauties – Sabrina, Elena and Laura - is one movie no fan should be without! If you liked our formerly produced fantasy gunfights and lingerie shootouts, you definitely must add this one to your collection. This short movie plays in the big room and with three hot models, clad in lingeries and armed with guns. The video starts off with all three beauties guarding in the room, but suddenly they were attacked by invisible attacker. The wild shootout starts off, as they are trying to defend theirself. Finally, all three fighters were machine gunned by invisible attacker. This is one action-packed movie you won’t want to miss!

Re-mastered in FULL HD - 1080p [ 1920 X 1080 ]

Video Duration - 3 min. 16 sec.



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