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2-on-2 fight - Blanca, Jillian, Lexxi, Sara - 65 Images

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Time for another super tag team battle, or to be more exact, 2 against 2 catfight. There are no slugging in the fight, but fierce hair-pullings contest. Beautiful Jillian and Lexxi take on Blanca and Sara. All four ladies attired in hot mini skirts, blouses, t-shirts and spiked high heels or boots. A friendly meeting starts with a armwrestling between Sara and Lexxi, while Jillian and Blanca watch who is the tougher woman. After loosing the armwrestling struggle Sara attacks Lexxi and the catfighting drama runs its course. All women relentlessly hairpull the opponent’s hair, giving each other painful lessons of female catfighting. Just a non-stop action as there is no mercy in this brawl. The finish finds two beauties lying limp and sprawling on the ground and triumphed winners over beaten losers! What a wonderful combination of female beauty and female fury!

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