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Guns, Sword and Love - Marta vs Nastja - 149 Images

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Hot and sexy play with katana sword and toygun - 145 high resolution images in set.

The pictures tell the story for themselves - It is a play with guns, sword and a little hand-combat, more than that, it is complete punishment for me. Nastja uses her handgun and then her long katana sword, pressing these between my slender legs, also she uses a hand clawholds on very sensitive areas of my body, especially the crotch area finds more attention for Nastja's attacks. There are so many hot images in this set, they just want not to stop. Nastja dominates and plays with my body in all ways, focusing her attacks below the belt! Summarized, we are playing together with exciting combination of crotch clawholds and weapon thrusts to very sensitive areas! Very fabulous and awesome images set, that you haven't seen before!

149 high resolution images in set
Resoluiton - 3504x2336p



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