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3 Wrestling matches - HD Video - Marta vs Olga - 27:45

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Three wrestling matches in this release - Match 1 - A wrestling match over white background between our veteran fighters - Marta and Olga. Both girls are wearing in tight fitting string leotards, shiny skin-colored pantyhoses and ballet flats. Hold after hold is applied by both wrestlers and first one woman and then the other has the upper hand during the battle. Great fighting action with some cross body pins, neck scissorholds, bearhugs, armtwisting, underarm chokeholds, and combinations of head and body scissors along with some nasty breast squeezing holds. A must for all fans of both women and great wrestling action.

Match 2 - no-holds-barred battle between two beautiful women - Olga versus Marta. Both are wearing in thong lycra fitness leoatrds and shiny pants. This clip is characterized by great wrestling and slugging action between two excellent catfighters. Plenty of chokeholds, body and neck scissorholds, pinholds, ground grappling action, belly punching, crotch kicking and stomping. Marta really gets to show off her ability to use her legs to apply some powerful scissorholds. The tight fitting outfits are another highlight of the set, displaying the beautiful legs and gorgeous bodies on both women. Finally our blonde fighter is dragged into submission.

Match 3 - This amazing clip is characterized by some exceptional wrestling action. The match is almost entirely one of wresting and grappling between two excellent catfighters. Marta in black trainingwear versus Olga in white. A wide variety of wresting and grappling techniques are demonstrated here. Plenty of chokeholds, sleeper holds, body and neck scissorholds, pinholds and ground grappling action.


720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (557MB)

3 Videos in one File - Total VIDEO Duration - 27 min. 45 sec.



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