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Cowgirls in action - Collection Set - 455 Images

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This is a collection of 5 photosets with total 455 high resolution pictures.
Cowgirls in action - Amelie, Vera, Stella, Renee, Maya and Liz.
1 Photoset - The truly alluring posing images of beautiful cowgirl ladies – Maya and Renee. First, sexy Maya is posing with a sniper rifle, then Renee is posing with the same sniper rifle. Both women got professional hair styling and make-up, so they look very sexy in their hot cowgirl outfits. Alluring cowgirl ladies, dramatic lighting set-up and fantastic posing images highlight this image set! (79 images - 3504x2336 images resolution).

2 Photoset - The second part of the image set with Renee and Maya. Both cowgirls are gun fighting against invisible attackers, but finally they have to capitulate against superior enemy. At the end both beauties are lying limp and unmoving in various positions on the ground with their weapons in the hands.(89 images - 3504x2336 images resolution).

3 Photoset - Another part of cowgirls duel in an old fabric ruins. On the one hand beautiful blonde Amelie, attired in typical cowgirl outfit, and on the another side gorgeous blonde Stella, dressed as a sexy cowgirl. Stella armed with a rifle, Amelie with a revolver gun. First both cowgirls are posing with their guns, showing us their gorgeous bodies, but soon the posing goes over into a gun duel between these beauties. BANG, BANG - lots of shooting action here, but who will win this duel, check it out to see the result. (75 images - 3504x2336 images resolution).

4 Photoset - Four cowgirls – Vera, Sabrina, Amelie and Stella in sexy cowgirl outfits and armed with various weapons are gunfighting against invisible attacker. As already seen in our previous gunfighting image sets, these images are simply phenomenal. The face expressions and acting in the scenes are just fantastic by all girls. The girls fight and they loose, finally we find all our beauties lying limp and unmoving on the ground in various poses! This cowgirl shooting action is a must for you fans of fantasy gunfights and we are pretty sure you will love this image set! (82 images - 3504x2336 images resolution).

5 Photoset - On the one hand - beautiful newcomer Liz, attired in black body and ankle boots, armed with a rifle, and on the another two her cowgirl rivals - sexy Amelie, dressed in denim shorts, checkered shirt, fishnet pantyhose, cowboy hat and Vera, in denim shorts, corsage, ankle boots, black pantyhose and also hat. Both armed with handguns. Two against One duel – you think, it is a unfair game. Can Liz fights against two rivals at the same time? Check it out to see the final result! (130 images - 3504x2336 images resolution).


3504x2336 pixels (zipped file - 330 MB)

TOTAL PICS IN SET - 455 images



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