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Action movie - Fire free - HD Movie - 7:13

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We are proud to present our first action movie. This clip features hot action between sexy girls and go non-stop over 7 minutes. You will see lots of gunshooting sequences filmed outdoor, well choreographed knife fight and slowly dying scenes, wonderfull played by our girls. In additional to that this clip features lots of FX special effects and background sounds. Story - Armed agent Lara, with a great body, has a order to steal very important plans hidden on laptop. But this place is strictly guarded by four female guards. So she must force this way into the camp. No problem for our agent Lara. First she eliminates the first guard using her bow, shooting a arrow into guard's belly. The second female guard got full ammo of lead. Lara has a lot of surprises for the remaining two guards. After a short shootout the third guard makes one's last exit to . Finally the last two combatans clash in knife fight with lots of furious attacks and martial art combos. Again this action movie went non-stop for over 7 min as the beautiful girls delighted in fighting each other.


720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ] (412 MB)

VIDEO Duration - 7 min. 13 sec.



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