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SCR-005 - Tess vs Maya - 9:47

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Sabrina's catfighting Room - SCR005 - The next round of fantasy special interest catfight in where Maya and Tess use an telescopic toyknife, hitting each other to their gorgeous bodies, and they perform wonderfully. Both women are catfighting on the couch and on the floor, wearing gymnastic leotards, legwarmers and ballet flats, in an apartment setting and there are numerous excellent fast and hard toyknife thrusts into bellies, breast and even crotch area. OVER and OVER again both women use their telescopic toy thrusting it into their sensitive body parts trying to gain the upper hand in this unusual catfight. Don't miss this fantastic struggle over toyknife with well-looking and ravishing girls!

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720p HD FORMAT: [ 1280 X 720 ]

VIDEO Duration - 9 min. 47 sec.



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