Custom Photosets available

Custom Work available

We offer now custom works and custom fighting photosets. Why should I order a custom photoset? If you like our girls and you have special wishes and interests about fighting, and you can not find these on our website, feel free to ask us about a custom work. You can specify your action moves, girls attire and the winner. We will try to do the set close to your descriptions.

Example for a Custom Order:

  • tell us which models you wish to have in your custom photoset
  • provide us fighting descriptions and poses
  • girls attire
  • how much pictures you want to have in your photoset
  • additional information about photoset, for example shooting angles
  • PLEASE NOTE- we do not do topless or nudity fights

Fees: The charges depends on production time and how much models you want to have in your custom photoset.

Please use our contact form for your questions and comments.

Custom workPlease use our contact form for your questions, story descriptions and comments.